Parking Dash

Parking Dash

Enjoy working at a parking lot and make your business grow
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In Parking Dash you will play Karma a young girl that just inherited from her great uncle Henry a property in Dinertown. This is the perfect opportunity to move out from your apartment so you take it and decide to open a parking lot.
Your main objective is to keep your customers happy by bringing them a fast parking service, this way you will be receiving good tips to make your business grow.
There will be a lot of different kinds of customers and with them the type of car, amount of patience and also the tips will vary. Some of your customers will be young ladies, celebrities, business women, kindly seniors, SUV guys, students, etc...
At the moment you will park the car, pay attention to the color of the free spaces because if you match it with the car, then you will get greater bonuses.
When your customers are back, click over them and a key will appear on the car they own, this way you won´t be picking other car.
During the game there will be additional tasks to do, like washing cars, removing items that block the way, attending a vending machine, etc..
Be sure that your customers don´t loose their patience and make your business grow.

Augusto Rivera
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  • The graphics are very good and the introduction and story is made like a comic book


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